A Serene Family Environment

The Willison family opened Country Livin' Senior Home in 1999. In our serene country setting, our residents are treated like family and all have a very special place in our home.


Situated on the beautiful central coast of California, our home enjoys local produce, great weather, and clean air. With chickens and goats just beyond the hedge and a garden full of roses, residents find our peaceful environment very comforting.


As owner-operators, we are present and involved daily, and we believe that our commitment to a Christian environment makes our residents feel loved and encouraged. Our committed staff ensures everyone in our home feels a sense of purpose and hope. 


We have a reputation for being one of the best assisted living homes in San Luis Obispo County. Our staff are all licensed medical technicians trained in first aid, dementia, and Alzheimer's care. Treated like family, our residents are showered with love, laughter, and quality care!